DECU Session

You have the power to transform yourself! 

DECU stands for dermal expression cellular upgrade. In a DECU session, we identify old beliefs and programs that no longer serve you and reprogram them to transform your life.

You are an active participant in the DECU process as we explore what beliefs are holding you back and empower you with new beliefs. The session is only the beginning! I will guide you so you will be empowered to continue the work you’ve started to heal and transform yourself.

How Can a DECU Session Help Me Heal?

In a DECU session, we uncover the underlying beliefs that are no longer serving you. We focus on a physical area on your body that is calling your attention or presenting a challenge.

You’ll select an area on your body you’d like to heal as a starting point. Different areas of our body can hold beliefs and emotions that affect us deeply on many levels. 

I will help you identify beliefs, programs, and emotions through energetic scanning. Once identified, we will clear them and replace them with new empowering beliefs. You will create and practice a new daily routine to incorporate your new beliefs so you can heal your body and live the life you desire.

You will continue practicing for 21-45 days to fully anchor your new higher vibrational beliefs to assist you in your healing.

It is a very beautiful empowering process that I invite you to experience with me!

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A fun farm side note- 21 days is a very interesting and special timeframe to create a new routine for transformation. On the farm, you can incubate or set fertile eggs under a hen to hatch into chicks in 21 days! That’s quite a miracle 🙂