HTMA Testing for Longevity and Wellness

HTMA Testing: 7 Reasons to Incorporate HTMA Testing into your  Health and Longevity Protocol

Longevity isn’t just about living longer.  It’s about  living healthier longer. To maximize our healthspan- the time we can stay healthy and active, it’s important to be proactive.

Here are 7 reasons I love to use HTMA Testing:

  1. HTMA testing provides a great overall picture of your health status with one simple test! You can see how your adrenals and thyroid are functioning, how your body is regulating blood sugar and hormones, and any mineral imbalances and deficiencies you may have.
  2. By being proactive and testing hair minerals somewhat regularly, you can detect  health trends very early. This test can give you a great overview of your systemic  health.  
  3. It can also  save you money by helping you to  selectively choose which  follow up tests are needed for further insights.
  4. It’s non-invasive, easy and painless.  The tests can be done at home and then sent to the lab.
  5. The tests are inexpensive compared to other functional tests.
  6. You can choose how frequently you want to retest depending on how closely you want to monitor your health. It can be done every 3 months, 6 months or once a year.  It all depends on you.
  7. This test also helps you identify the supplements you need most. This helps to  save money, but this is also important since not all supplements will improve your health.

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