3 Benefits of Making Your Own Non-Toxic Wool Pillow

We all know how important sleep is for our health. By making your own wool pillow, you will know exactly what’s inside your pillow.

Benefit 1: It’s pure wool- nothing fake or artificial.

You will reduce your exposure to toxic compounds such as flame retardants, deodorizers, volatile organic compounds that can be found in synthetic pillow materials.

Benefit 2: It’s very easy and fast.

You only need 2 items – a zippered standard inner pillowcase to hold the wool and 1.5-2 lbs of wool stuffing. At home, I also use an organic cover on top of the pillowcase that is easy to wash.  It’s easiest to buy wool in batt form to make pillows. Watch my video to see how I make a pillow in about 3 minutes! You can make adult sized pillows, kid pillows or even little dog beds by adjusting the size of the case and the amount of stuffing used.

Benefit 3: You have full control over the quality of your wool stuffing.

You can get premium eco-washed domestic wool from humanely raised sheep. Make sure your wool wasn’t scoured in harsh chemicals. Sheep’s wool does have lanolin (wool wax) and some people are sensitive/allergic to it. Some wool can have a distinct lanolin smell depending on how the wool was cleaned. If you don’t like the smell or are allergic to lanolin, it’s best to avoid sheep’s wool. Alpacas do not produce lanolin, so generally speaking, the fiber is easier to clean and better for sensitive people. In the video, you will see that I use a sheep’s wool core and wrap it in alpaca for a luxurious non-toxic pillow.