HTMA Testing

Trying to get healthy but feel like you’re missing something?
HTMA can help you restore your mineral balance so you can have more energy and optimize your health!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is great for people who want an affordable, lab guided, customized health building protocol. 

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or costly- you can start where you are and take it one step at a time.  HTMA is a great place to start because mineral imbalances can be at the root of many health challenges especially ones related to stress. Stress depletes your minerals at a faster rate creating deficiencies and imbalances.

“Working with Keiko has been such a blessing! Not only does she offer some of the best testing available, she is incredibly intuitive and sensitive to your individual needs. There are health professionals and there are healers. Keiko is both! I did a hair mineral analysis with her and received information about my food, my mineral levels, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, and food recommendations. It’s incredible how much information that you can get from the HTMA! Her many years of experience working with animals have come in handy, and she’s also been able to help with my kitty as well! I cannot recommend her highly enough! Invest in your health and work with a true, intuitive professional.”- Kimberly R. (more testimonials)

What information can you get from a HTMA?

  • Metabolic type–  this information will help you fine tune your macronutrient ratios and create a food plan more geared towards your metabolism.
  • Mineral levels– figure out what supplements or foods you need more of so you can stop wasting money on products you do not need
  • Heavy metal exposure– gives insight into which toxic heavy metals your body is eliminating
  • Adrenal/Thyroid function– the mineral ratios give insight into how well these glands are functioning
  • Blood sugar imbalances- the mineral ratios give insight into how your body balances blood sugar

Why hair?

The body eliminates minerals and heavy metals into the hair which gives us visibility into current levels. We look at the mineral patterns because minerals do not randomly deposit in the hair. Minerals are involved in cellular energy production, so imbalances can be detected in the HTMA sooner than blood tests. This makes it a great test for proactive people who want to stay healthy and continue to monitor their health.

The hair collection process is non-invasive and can be done at home. Changes to your levels can be easily monitored by retesting every 2-4 months. *A proper hair collection is key as your results are only as accurate as the sample you provide. HTMA is a screening test so it can’t diagnose any specific diseases.

Why is it important to test for minerals?

Minerals are involved in almost all enzyme reactions in your body and are essential for proper organ function. All internal and external stressors deplete minerals at a fast rate. Toxic metals can replace minerals and interfere with normal body functions. By testing for minerals and making sure they are at healthy levels and ratios, we can better restore and maintain your health.

What is the goal of HTMA?

The goal is to balance body chemistry through better food choices, lifestyle and strategic supplements to allow the body to balance itself and perform optimally.

We never look just at the test results. We review the findings in relation to your health challenges and goals to determine how best to support your body. (Free HTMA 3 Month Tracker)

As you rebuild your health and address your main challenges, other issues you didn’t know about may surface. If that happens, we can dig deeper and continue to identify and address the underlying causes.

Using my background and training, we can utilize different functional labs to further investigate food sensitivities, gut pathogens, HPA axis dysfunction, intestinal permeability, and detoxification and digestion issues to help you achieve sustainable long-term health.

I’m always happy to help you in the best possible way for you. Please Contact Me to let me know what your challenges and goals are. I offer customized coaching packages as well as individual tests and sessions to help you achieve your optimal health. Looking forward to meeting you! All sessions are done online.

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