Current Services and Prices for 2023

For scheduling, please make sure you have your correct email address (or phone number for text) and I will reach out to you.

HTMA Test and Analysis Package Special- Purchase HTMA Package $265

This is a great affordable starter package to help you on your path to optimizing your health. This HTMA package is for USA residents only.

Package Includes:

  • HTMA Test Kit and Lab Fee
  • Trace Elements Complete Lab Report
  • Customized Analysis and Action Steps of Your Top Priorities
  • Phone/Zoom Coaching Session

*Please make sure to read the hair collection instructions for best timing before purchasing this package*

If you dye your hair, you will need to wait 8 weeks, so please keep that in mind. The HTMA Quickstart Guide has the information you need. Please make sure you include your shipping address and email at checkout. I will reach out to you and mail your kit. Once I get results back from the lab, we will schedule a session. More information on hair analysis here.

Single 30 Minute Session- Purchase $75

This shorter session is great for follow ups and action plan adjustments you’d like on the HTMA, and targeted questions on one specific health challenge you’d like some insights on.

Single 60 Minute Session- Purchase $150

This session is great for a more complete health coaching session and can include some analysis of your functional labs, and/or energy healing session live.

Remote Healing Session- Purchase $125

This is a remote healing session and you will get a complete write up of everything that comes through for you. We can arrange a time so you know when it is happening. This is really a great gentle healing session for humans and animals. I never know what will come through for you, but the write up of the healing portion can be reread multiple times like a meditation/visualization for healing until the healing is complete. More information on the remote healing session here.

Remote Healing Session Package for One Person, One Animal- Purchase $195

This is a unique remote healing session where I will work on one person and animal, each on their own and then together. I never know what will come through, but I will write everything down as it comes through and send you a PDF you will be able to read over as many times as you’d like until you feel the healing is complete. More information on the remote healing session here.

All services provided are subject to the KTM Holistic Health Terms of Service.
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