Coaching Package

I am committed to helping you and your companion animals reach your health goals in the most cost effective way that works best for you.

There are many empowering ways to reach your goals, so let’s explore the best plan for you! 

My HTMA Test and Analysis Package includes the HTMA test kit, custom analysis/action plan, and a coaching session to help you get started. This can be for people as well as dogs! Please check for current pricing on my services page.

Longevity and Wellness Coaching Farm-Style Package is a unique personalized coaching experience we will create together. You’ll benefit from my knowledge gained through the years as an alpaca shepherdess caring for our animals holistically, training as an FDN-P and Precision Longevity Coach, and an intuitive healer. This will be customized to your goals and can include face yoga sessions, longevity and wellness coaching, functional testing and analysis, energy healing and more! Nothing is automated and you will be treated like a best friend.

If you’d like to learn more about my coaching packages, please contact me for a FREE 25 minute “Regain Your Health and Vitality” coaching session. We will identify your biggest health challenge and determine one action step you can implement right away to help empower you to transform your health.



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