Coaching Package

One Simple Customizable Package to Fit YOUR Needs!

I am committed to helping you reach your health goals in the way that works best for you and in the most cost efficient way possible. 

I have designed a simple customizable package specifically for you.

There are many empowering ways to reach your goals, so let’s explore the best plan for you!

Coaching Package Includes:

  • 2 coaching calls
  • 2 hours of back-end customized analysis/research 
  • Follow up emails as needed after each call

This package offers flexibility since we don’t always know where to start.  With this package, we can evaluate your situation, clarify your goals, and consider our options.

If you want functional tests (such as HTMA or DUTCH) just pay the lab directly for the test. I will analyze and help you interpret the results and discuss actions to consider taking in response. You will get discounted rates with the labs I work with.

Coaching Package Price $349 

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How to Get the Most Value from this Package
One Way to use Your Coaching Calls

During the first coaching call, we can evaluate your situation and clarify your goals. We can also discuss your main challenges and determine which functional test options you may want to consider.

After the first call,  I will analyze functional lab results you have chosen to do.  I will also analyze your situation further and come up with your initial action plan ideas to help you achieve your goals.

In the second coaching call, we can go over your action plan ideas as well as review any functional test results and fine tune your plan.

My goal is to help you create an action plan towards optimal health. If you need more support, we can discuss longer term coaching.


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