Energy Healing

Remote Energy Healing Session

This is a very special and powerful energy healing session which combines multiple techniques to bring you the best healing experience possible. I work with Mother Earth and all of the animals to bring the purest most beautiful healing through to you.

Remote Healing Session Includes:

  • Energy/Chakra scan to check balance
  • Energy healing from Mother Earth and the amazing animals
  • Holistic energetic remedies/healing messages that might assist the healing process further
  • Complete write up of your session with all the visuals and words I receive for you

What Does a Session Look Like?

Each healing session is uniquely customized to you. I will do the healing remotely and send you the detailed write up. Then I will follow up to help you integrate the healing and messages. It is a very beautiful process that I would love to experience with you!

Please CONTACT ME if this calls to you and you’d like more information. I will only need your name, a few pictures of you, and your main challenge. For a mini remote session, you can choose the 30 minute session. For a complete remote healing session, please choose the 60 minute session on the services page.

Healing Session for Animals

I also offer sessions for animals which follow a similar process. The one big difference is that I use my animal communication skills to guide them through the healing process.

Thank you so much! And a few pictures of me so you can get a feel for whether we’d resonate 🙂 Can you tell I love animals??? Testimonials below~


Keiko, how beautiful and reassuring for me. The all chakra descriptions sound very accurate. All describe what I am seeing.  I love the energy scan with all the healing energies, elements and animals.  So reassuring to know there are forces caring for us that are unseen.  You have a gift to see those things and can put them into beautiful words.  Thank you for sharing your gifts. Much love and hugs, Susie”

Thank you Keiko.  Wow!  There is so so much here that I can’t even begin to explain the energies you’ve pick up with me.  It’s all good and so very accurate.  You have confirmed that I am on the right path… that I have healed much energy and I am ready for the next greater cycle in my life.  Thank you so so much.  I can’t thank you enough.  Thank you so so much Keiko.  This means so so much to me. Rock n Roll baby! Much love, Jade”

This is absolutely beautiful.  Quite hopeful for Buddy. He is a beautiful spirit and many times speaks to me with his eyes.  He tells me he loves me, it’s with a depth. Interesting – “solar plexus constricted, wringing and twisted”  That is the part of his body that looks emaciated.  He is thin, but the part where the solar plexus is located physically looks constricted.  Thank you so much.  This is very beautiful and healing for Buddy and myself. “- Buddy’s Mom

“OMG!  We all loved Neo’s reading. So spot on! He literally does the rounds and walks the perimeter of our yard every time he goes out. He also has a beautiful gate, he moves so beautifully, very regal. Steele did buy him sunglasses a while back, dog sunglasses and Neo looked so cool. Funny his take on Tonks, makes sense.   He does have a really strong food drive and is in perfect weight, but that drive is strong. Steele has done a lot of training with Neo, he is super smart. Steele got a kick out of how it felt like Neo was working with you as if he is in charge. So funny. I forgot what else you said but it is really, really, accurate.  All of the readings are really on point.  WELL DONE!!! So much FUN!  I also love the format that you deliver them in.” – Linda

“Wow!!!! I stand in amazement!!! You did a great job describing the pond and surroundings! I can totally see it. I feel like I’m there! I love the picture of the water swirling up through my body and saturating all cells with abundance. I love that it is pouring out to share with others! I think I will use this in my visualizations! This was SO AMAZING!!! Something that I will hang on to and read often. I love that I have a visual to go with a lot of my feelings! I plan to use this in my visualization exercises!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sending you so much love and appreciation!!”- ️️️Kimberly