Human Design

Learning about your Human Design Type can be beneficial in improving your overall wellness and relationships. It has helped me reduce my stress and work with my energy so much better.

Sometimes just knowing how we are designed to “work” empowers us to be in flow and alignment so things feel easier for us. Although we are perfectly and divinely designed, we can blame ourselves for what we think are our shortcomings and limitations. When we realize how we are designed, we can shift our perspective to see our true gifts, align with them, and leverage this knowledge to experience all that we came here to experience.

Another beautiful benefit of knowing our design is in how we understand and relate to others. My interaction with my family members has become more effortless as I understand how they are wired and operate better. The knowledge allows for everyone to be more in their flow and to do what they do best so everyone benefits tremendously and there’s less friction.

You can get your free human design chart to find out your type, but even if you don’t know- you will most likely be able to figure it out by watching my video. Enjoy!

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