HTMA Testing 3 Month Tracker

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The content below is from page 2 which is included in your downloadable file. There is a cover page that will use up ink, so avoid printing the first page if you don’t need a cover.


Welcome to your HTMA tracker!

An HTMA (hair analysis) test gives us insight into our health trends over the previous 3 months. Since It’s very easy to forget all the things that happened over that period, we can learn much more about what impacts our health if we journal. 

HTMA reveals how our physical activity, food, stress levels, and supplements impact our body’s mineral levels. By journaling our activity, we have a much better method of correlating these patterns.

Using your first HTMA test as a baseline, you can start tracking your progress.

Print only the pages you need.  Feel free to  keep a more general monthly journal.  Or add more weekly details when you feel the need. 

How to Use this Tracker:

  1. Write down 3 of your biggest health challenges you will focus on for this 3 month period
  2. Write your goals and circle the highest priority
  3. Track your food
  4. List your supplement protocol for the month
  5. Track your exercise/movement 
  6. Track your breathing and ways you relax
  7. Record all self care activities
  8. Record any stressful events and how you managed them
  9. Complete the 3 month evaluation

Pages Included:

Cover Page, Welcome 

HTMA 3 Month Goals (print 1)

HTMA Tracker Month ____ (print 3)

Food Diary Month ____ (print 3)


Exercise Tracker (optional print 3)

Breathing/Relaxation (optional print 3)

Self Care Diary (optional print 3)

Stress Tracker (optional print 3)


3 Month Evaluation (print 1)