Work With Keiko

Intuitive Holistic Health Coaching and Energy Healing for You and Your Companion Animals

I’ve been an alpaca shepherdess since 2008.  I’m responsible for keeping myself, my human family and all of my animals happy and healthy holistically.

I would love to help you and your companion animals enjoy optimal health on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

How Can I Help You and Your Animals?

We are intimitately connected to our companion animals and our well-being affects theirs just as much as theirs affects ours. 

I have been raising our animals holistically for decades and have been trained in various holistic modalities to keep our animals thriving.

For people, I am trained as an FDN Practitioner and Integrative Health Coach.  This helps me analyze and interpret core functional labs to see how your hormones, immune system, digestive system and detoxification processes are functioning. But there is a limit to functional lab analysis, so I continued my training in energy healing and intuitive guidance.

But every bit as much as the various trainings I’ve had, living on a farm has provided a different perspective- including the wisdom from our animals.

I offer single sessions as well as customized coaching packages so you and your companion animals can all heal together. 

If you’d like to learn more about my coaching packages, please contact me for a FREE 25 minute “Regain Your Health and Vitality” coaching session. We will identify your biggest health challenge and determine one action step you can implement right away to help empower you to transform your health.

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Life on a farm has given me a place to center and heal myself in this crazy world we live in. I am the head alpaca shepherdess at Wisteria Suri Ranch.

Here’s a fun little news release about me KTM Holistic Health Coach Supports Clients From Texas Alpaca Farm

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