HTMA Testing: Correlating HTMA Results with Biohealth Stress Profile and the DUTCH Test

In my personal experience with HTMA testing and other functional lab tests, I’ve seen very interesting correlations between the tests.

I will share my HTMA adrenal function markers along with my Biohealth Stress Profile test and the DUTCH test.

I refer to the adrenal function in general, but please note the information I am sharing isn’t necessarily limited to just the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are signaled by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and when we are discussing stress/adrenal function, it includes the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis.

Test: Biohealth Stress Test (Saliva)
Date: December 2017 
Result: Below lab range
Details: Cortisol sum 18 nmol/L (lab range 23-42 nmol/L).  
Each of the 4 saliva samples taken at morning, noon, afternoon, and night,
all pointing to exhaustion

Test: HTMA
Date: May 2018   
Result: Indicators point to exhaustion – similar to Biohealth
Details:  Na/K ratio (stress ratio ideal 2.4) at .67
Na/Mg ratio (adrenal ratio ideal 4.17) at .66

Date: June 2018
Result: Slight improvement, trending in the right direction.
Details: Low but within lab range.
Free 24 hour cortisol at 94 ng/mg, lab range 80-230 ng/mg.

Test: HTMA
Date:   August 2018
Result: Improvements in the ratios. trending in the right direction
Details: Na/K ratio improved to .80, and Na/Mg improved to 1.97. Overall results.

I only covered stress/adrenal function markers here, but the HTMA clearly gives insight which correlates with other functional labs.

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Hi, I’m Keiko and I’m a holistic health coach at So today I’m going to share with you my HTMA adrenal markers and how they correlate with my other functional lab tests I’ve done, such as the Biohealth stress profile and the DUTCH test.

So let me first show you my HTMA test results for my adrenal markers. So you’ll first see the sodium to potassium right here, which is the vitality or stress ratio. And I did one in May and then again in August. So it went from .67 to .80 and the ideal is 2.4. So both are showing lowered adrenal function.

And then we’ll look at the sodium to magnesium and this is the adrenal ratio. In May it was .66 then it went up to 1.97 in August, which is an improvement. But it is still below the ideal of 4.17. So my HTMA test results are showing some improvement between the first one and the second one, but the overall function is very low.

So here’s my Biohealth adrenal stress profile test. This is a saliva test, and you actually take four samples on the same day, morning, noon, afternoon and night time, so that you can see your cortisol pattern. And so the lab range, the high range is up here, the low range is right here. And the pink is me and it’s below lab range. So each of the markers were lower and the cortisol sum was at 18.1 and the lab range is 23 to 42.

So all of this is pointing to a very low adrenal function, which correlates with the HTMA.

So this is the DUTCH test, which is the dry urine test. And I did this in between the two HTMA hair tests when the numbers were starting to improve. So here you’ll see the adrenal hormones. And again, I took four samples. And the lab range, the high range is up here, low range right here. And then I’m right here in the color. So I’m starting to actually be in lab range even though it’s very low.

And then if you look at the total 24-hour free cortisol, I’m at 94 and the low range is 80. Or the low is 80 going up to 230. So I did make it within the lab range even though it’s still very low. And so all of this correlates quite well with the HTMA.

So a quick summary of the information I just covered. So the adrenal stress test that I did, Biohealth saliva in December, showed below lab range. And then I did an HTMA hair test in May and that was also very low below range. I did a DUTCH urine test in June and we were starting to see some improvement, and it was in the low lab range, but trending in the right direction.

And then I did another HTMA in August. And we could see some improvement. And so you can kind of see from all these tests that they correlate and you can see my adrenal function going from really low to slight improvement.

Although we only focused on adrenal function markers in this video today, HTMA provides a wealth of information. This is a very cost effective test, and a great way to get insight into your health. If you’d like to learn more about my HTMA service, please visit my website at The link will be below. Thank you so much for watching. Have a beautiful day.